MISSION 92B, Infinity Program

RIEMANN WAS ENVIABLE. He had something we are all searching for. Our whole lives. A goal. No. A calling. No. Riemann had something bigger than himself. Something clear and explicit in front of him. Day after day. Hour after hour. Every second of Riemann’s life had only one purpose. Riemann didn’t have to ask any questions, he didn’t have to make any decisions. He didn’t have to weigh up his options, no ‘yes or no’, no left or right. There was one way only. Straight forward.

Riemann didn’t have to search. Ever. Searching was unknown to him. He wasn’t looking for a partner nor for friends. Not for food nor clothes. He wasn’t looking for anything. Not because he didn’t need any of it, but because it was given to him. Served. Every need was met, from the first day he took breath.

I don’t know if Riemann knew to appreciate that. If he could have known how lucky he was. Not that his life was easy. But whose is? Riemann trained every day. From morning to night. And yes, of course.. I don’t envy him for the electrical shocks, but what are 150 volts compared to the misery some decisions leave us? I say, where there is light there is darkness. And there is no brighter light than knowing what your path is. When you don’t have to ask where it’s leading to. When you can be certain that destiny has found you. And destiny has found Riemann. Every time Riemann lost his way, when he pressed the wrong button on the apparatus in front of him, his whole body twitched and he knew at that very second that he must have made a mistake. Now, I am asking you, wouldn’t we all wish for that? A signal? An alarm call keeping us on track? For Riemann it must have been like a sign from God.

Riemann learned fast from his mistakes. That is why he was chosen. That is why it was his mission. That is why Riemann’s life purpose was infinity. I know what you are thinking now. But I can’t answer that question. If a rhesus macaque knowa what infinity means. But is that even of any importance? Does one have to understand the meaning of life?

If you go to hell or heaven, if you let yourself nail to the cross or enter a capsule to die for mankind – your belief must exceed your knowledge.

Come on.
Don’t scream blasphemy.
Not you.
Not now.
Not here in the company.

I am not comparing Riemann to Jesus.
I am not saying that a monkey in a capsule is the same as a human being on a cross.
Even if both sacrificed themselves.
Even if the path, for both of them, was predestined.
Riemann rose from the dead.
The messiah. The chosen one.
A monkey in a capsule.
He sent a message out of nothing.
So there are still some who believe that Riemann will come back again.
He was never declared dead.
Not to this day.

Mission 92B, Riemann, infinity program.


Mission 92B