The Minus


A hundred years ago 1,6 million people vanished from one second to the next.
When an endlessly deep hole suddenly and inexplicably emerged where the inner city was.

Through this catastrophe not only an economic crisis arose, but also a fundamental shift in power which lead to a new hierarchical governing system managed by 4 gigantic companies.

They built an enormous wall around the Minus, for protection, but also to keep possible discoveries from the public.

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The rise of four companies

Playing on the fear of the unknown, the companies foster their position, promising security and the prospect of a life in paradise to their followers.

But there is a relentless battle for market shares between the empires, turning the lower levels into a battleground for a war fought with words and images holding your very life dream.

Level by level

The Companies, like Grand Echo, offer everything your heart might desire, everything that makes up happiness.

Work your way up, level by level, with the final goal, a place in the Upperclass.
Living a life of abundance in the Towers, far above the dirty city and closer to heaven.

The new system leaves few options for their citizens.
Follow a company, reject the system and become a so called “rat”, or leave the city.
But now, 100 years after the appearance of the Minus, a Traveler is going to challange the status quo and fight the system…

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