1. What is the Minus?

THE MINUS is an epic science fiction story – told from different perspectives across various media.

The webpage, the-minus.com, is the ever growing epicenter of the Minus-Universe connecting points of view in moving and still image, cinematic movies, short stories, sound, radioplay and graphic novel.

2. Do I have to consume all parts
in all media to understand the story?

THE MINUS was actually meant to become a graphic novel only. But quickly the 8 page script from 2011 evolved into a complex structure…and we had to find the best media for its content.

Many streams and perspectives – all stories connected over the constraints of each medium with points of contact, cross references and overlaps everywhere, but each story standing for itself so the viewer can piece together an overall image.

All the stories take place in a fictional world what we call the “The Minus Universe”.

3. What is the big plan?

In the long run it would be great if this would become an open-source project, in which the story/history is written by the visitors themselves.
A playground, a plane for creatives from all over the world. Perhaps not only creatives but all ‘open minded people’, explorers…

It would be amazing if we could create parallel universe and use swarm intelligence.

The team behind ‚The Minus‘

The Core Team

Alias Miller
– The man from the future –

Concept art
Graphic Design
Art Direction

Franz Günther Hauser
– Heavy metal realist –

Concept Art
Graphic Design
Art direction

Klaudia Medano
– The ideal is real –

Art Direction
Graphic Design

The Collaborators

Kathrin Resetarits (Vienna) Dramatic Advisor

Valentin Hitz (Switzerland) Dramatic Advisor

Robert Sammelin (Sweden) Illustration

Gerald Kerkletz (Vienna) D.O.P

Gilbert Kralinger (Vienna) Writer / Film

Maxim Goudin (Amsterdam) Concept Art / 3D Artist

Andreas Steiner (Vienna) 3D Artist

Robert Reinschedl (Vienna) 3D Assistant

Michael ‘Mitch’ Dörfler (Vienna) Music & Soundesign

Florian Macheck (Vienna) Music & Soundesign

Jason Hernan (New York) Voice

Michella Moss ( Nelson, CA) Voice

Paul Bauer (Vienna) Photographer

Therese Seemann (Graz) Producer

Thomas Fillafer (Vienna) Web Development

Paul Pluesh (Switzerland) Consultant

Michael Volk (Los Angeles) Consultant

J.G. Thies (New York) Film

Alejandro Adrian (Tampa) Film

& growing